Khaleej Times Gold Price Rate

Gold prices today in the arab khaleej states in United Arab Emirates Derham (AED): These are the gold prices as reported by Khaleej Times: We have found that the price of gold shown here are the closest to the actual gold prices in the khaleej market .. This page is updated continuously to reflect the actual and current prices of gold at gold traders in the Gulf.

 Khaleej Times Gold Price Rate: Dubai Gold Price Rate According to Khaleej Times

The following table shows the price of gold as set out in local goldsmiths in United Arab Emirates, according to the date mentioned below

TYPE Morning EVENING Yesterday
OUNCE 4,587.5 4,583.83
24 CARAT 151.25 151.25
22 CARAT 142.25 142.00
21 CARAT 135.75 135.50
18 CARAT 116.25 116.25
2018-12-10 09:08:14 am

Sources: Gold Price in Dubai | Gold Price in Dubai